This is the SUFM Forster Family Mission website. You might be here because you're interested in and/or have been invited to come on "beach mission".

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Ok, so, SUFM and beach mission what is it?

SUFM stands for Scripture Union Family Mission, it's the organisation banner we run under. It's an inter-denominational Christain group made up of mostly volunteer teams going to caravan parks, small towns and churches (sometimes near beaches) to do a Christian outreach mission to the people there. If you'd like to check out more about SUFM check out their website.
Beach mission is the nick name that has been given as most mission teams go to a location close to a beach. You'll probably get a chance for a swim.

Who is SU video

The Forster Family Team

No, we don't specifically look after foster kids/families. Forster is the name of the town our mission is at. Our mission is to the families and kids in Forster Beach caravan park. We're named the 'family team' as there is also another mission team in Forster that aims for local youth in the area.
The mission team leader, known as a director is Bojan Ristevski. with the assistance of his wife Katie and the leadership team.



So this mission stuff, why do you go?

He tells us to go out to the ends of the earth in Matthew 28!
Romans 10 also speaks of the gospel being preached, but it can't be heard unless people are sent to preach it. Therefore, we need to send people out to preach the saving gospel message. Mission is a great way to serve God and use your gifts, skills, abilities and energy for getting the gospel out there to families you may not have ordinarily met!



Ok, so what happens on beach mission?

So all this info about beach mission, but we still haven't said exactly what is done.
Our mission is to present Christ to the families to the caravan park. We do this in a few ways:
We visit people at their holiday site and chat with them. We run a kids club program for kids aged 3 - 10 with lots of activities based around what the bible lesson is about. It'll involve some songs, games, craft, puppets or skits and a bible lesson. We have older primary school and teenagers outreach, where we go out to where the kids are at within the caravan park. We also run some special events where we invite the families of the caravan park to come to such as our waterslide, master chef challenge evening and our family kids club with pancake breakfast. We like to present the gospel, share a testimony or a story from the bible at these events, while seeking to build our relationship with the families.



We have a few training days and events so we can prepare well for mission.

Training days and important dates:

SUFM Training Day

Saturday 16th Sept

SUFM Section Meeting and SU 150th Year Celeration day

Saturday 21st Oct

SUFM Training Weekend

Fri 17th Nov - Sun 19th Nov

Mission dates:

27th Dec 2017 - 4th Jan 2018

These dates are inclusive of travel time to and from Forster, set up days and pack up days.


Where are you serving this summer?

Thinking about coming as a family?

Ready to join the Forster team?

Pray about it!

We'd like to encourage you to think and pray about joining our team. There are many different ways to serve on mission. There is lots of behind the scenes work to be done too, like planning rosters, cooking, praying with team members and just being an older person to chat to.
If you are keen and interested in joining our team to Forster, follow the link below to the Scripture Union website to fill out an application form.

Click to apply for our team!

Want Updates?

Hear about our mission during the year via email.

From time to time we send out some prayer points or an email newsletter with some update about our team, our plans for the year and any special needs or events. If you would like to receive these updates, please enter your details below:

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If you have questions or would like to chat...

Please contact the team director Bojan:
By Phone/SMS Chat with us
Talk to us
Bojan will be happy to chat with you and answer any of your questions or concerns about mission, the dates we are going and what to expect.

How much does mission cost?

The 2017 team fees are listed below

If you need help to cover the cost of mission, please contact Bojan

Students $300
Adults $375
Family $520

Bank details:
SUFM Bank Account details
Name: SUFM Forster
BSB: 032373
Account No: 196540

Enter your last name and Fees as description (e.g. Ristevski Fees). Your fees are due before mission.